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Welcome to Rumorsquad Gaming

Welcome to the Amazing Community Called Rumorsquad Gaming. We are a gaming community at heart and will always will be.

Who are we

Made by the community for the community

With most of our decisions we keep this in mind and that is why we do not have quotes for the staff team / Players. We believe that a community should be made for fun not for a second job


We try our best to bring out new ideas to the games we play and new technology for the community including new ways of doing stuff to make it easier for everyone

Actively Maintained

Our servers are fully staffed and actively maintained which means that you get a fun experience and also one that you don’t have to do that much work, Our lovely staff team try there best to make it fun for everyone

What Servers are active

We currently have 4 servers right now which are


The history of Rumorsquad gaming is a bunch of people trying different things and taking breaks.

Rumorsquad Gaming actually started out as Rumorsquad Studios and at first we had a Arma 3 Server, after a bunch of complications we had tried to sell video games which we did make a couple of Video Games.

Later on we decided to help people set up there servers which we did well but after a while we decided to take a break and so we did.

A couple of Years later we came back and after learning a bunch of things we came back and Formed Rumorsquad Gaming with our first server being Star gate RP on Gary’s Mod and with a second server being Cinema

Later on we turned the Cinema into a City RP server which had a Small Success then we had decide after the server did not make that much money was to switch to Star Trek Online which is where we started to grow.

After that we decided to start a server called Rumorsquad and Friends Vanilla Creative Server which has been our biggest success.

Our current servers have even made us even bigger and we are proud of the community we have made

From everyone here at Rumorsquad Gaming we welcome you to this amazing community