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Welcome to Rumorsquad Gaming

Welcome to the Amazing Community Called Rumorsquad Gaming. We are a gaming community at heart and will always will be.


The history of Rumorsquad gaming is a bunch of people trying different things and taking breaks.

Rumorsquad Gaming actually started out as Rumorsquad Studios and at first we had a Arma 3 Server, after a bunch of complications we had tried to sell video games which we did make a couple of Video Games.

Later on we decided to help people set up there servers which we did well but after a while we decided to take a break and so we did.

A couple of Years later we came back and after learning a bunch of things we came back and Formed Rumorsquad Gaming with our first server being Star gate RP on Gary’s Mod and with a second server being Cinema

Later on we turned the Cinema into a City RP server which had a Small Success then we had decide after the server did not make that much money was to switch to Star Trek Online which has been one of our biggest success ever.

From everyone here at Rumorsquad Gaming we welcome you to this amazing community