Discord Announcment  Zack Dallaire
Discord Announcment Zack Dallaire

Discord Announcment Zack Dallaire

@everyone I have been informed that there’s a trojan going around Discord currently, confirmed by the Discord Team, and I feel it’s important enough for your safety to be worth pinging everyone.

There is a new Discord trojan attack doing the rounds which will log you out of Discord and have you log back in. Once you do so, it’ll have access to your account and user tokens.
With this information, it has been disabling 2FA and locking users out of their accounts. It also attempts to log into your linked accounts, such as YouTube, Twitch, Steam etc.
If you use the same password for these accounts then it will likely successfully do so.

This trojan is being passed around disguised as a link to a game.
If you download this fake “game”, while installing, it will modify the Discord JS files instructing Discord to load up a couple of extra scripts that convert your password into plain text that it can then harvest. This is why it logs you out and you are required to log back in.

DO NOT upload any application files (.exe) to the server for the time being – lest we assume you’re infected. If you see anyone linking suspicious exe files in the server here, or if anyone from this server sends you a DM containing anything suspicious, inform a member of staff