Rumorsquad Gaming


1. Creations And Block Limits

Creations are defined as any collection of blocks you’ve put together to create anything from a wall to a ship, rover, base, etc.

  • Use of ‘Warhammer’ ships is prohibited – these are defined as ships that are completely self-repairing, have Warhead Blocks at or near the surface, and are usually used in combat as a ‘Ramming’ ship. The Staff Members’ decision is final – if you are asked to remove your ship then please do cooperate.
  • Spawning an excessive number of warheads, whether for battle or for ‘clearing grids’, is prohibited. Please ask a Staff Member to clear any blocks or grids you no longer want or need, or press Ctrl-X whilst looking at the creation to ‘cut’ it out of the world yourself.
  • The permitted limits per ‘creation’ (ship, base, etc.) is 20,000 Blocks and 200,000 PCU maximum – there is currently no exception for ‘Stations’
  • Do not spawn too many creations:
  • This is considered “Over-Spawning”. When there’s too many Blocks in the Universe, be they ships, stations, bases, rovers, etc. the server will struggle to keep track and will slow down

2. Intentionally creating lag or crashing the server is strictly forbidden.

  • A ship does not have to overstep the limit to be considered laggy:
  • Certain scripts can cause immense lag or even crash the server
  • Ships may cause lag when spawned during a heavily crowded time
  • Common Causes of lag include:
  • Overuse of thrusters or weapons
  • Welders when used in bulk
  • Printing large ammunition, such as Missiles using a Projector and Welder Blocks
  • Crashing into other ships or voxel (landscape)

3. No suiting / hydro manning.

  • (This rule may be ignored so long as both parties agree)
  • Using your character as a weapon is strictly forbidden

This consists of:

  • Using character tools and weapons against players or their creations
  • Adding / removing blocks from enemies creations
  • Throwing blocks or creations at other people (by spawning with Ctrl V)
  • Spawning things inside turret range
  • Using spectator to achieve the aforementioned actions

Additional restrictions:

  • No Trapping players by forcing them to suit their way out
  • No Distracting turret fire by means of suit

4. Stealing creations not in the workshop is strictly forbidden.

  • (This rule may be ignored so long as both parties agree)
  • If a creation is not uploaded, it may not be copied or blueprinted
  • This includes workshop creations modified by players
  • Stealing already stolen creations also counts under this rule
  • Uploading a stolen creation will come with severe consequences

5. No use of safe zones in combat.

(This rule may be ignored so long as both parties agree)

  • Safe Zones are for building, not for battles
  • This applies to all Safe Zones, active or not
  • The restrictions are as follow:
  • No firing out of or at a Safe Zone
  • No using Safe Zones as decoys
  • No planting Safe Zones mid-battle
  • No running into Safe Zones to escape from a fight
  • No using Safe Zones as a shelter to control ships from
  • No trapping players using Safe Zones

6. No use of neutral grids in any way.

 (This rule may be ignored so long as both parties agree)

  •  Neutral grids consist of creations with no owner, therefore you must:
  •  Make sure to set ownership of your creations
  •  No Using neutral grids to attack or defend
  •  No Using faction alliances (neutral peace) to circumvent turrets
  •  No Targeting neutral grids
  •  No Firing at friendly units

7. No use of certain exploits.

 (This rule may be ignored so long as both parties agree)

  •  No use of ‘Godmode’ Creations in battle:
  •  Godmode here means creations with editing and/or damage disabled
  •  This rule is basically the same as suiting
  •  If the part is insignificant enough though, it is allowed to be used
  •  Safe zones are immune to this rule, as they have their own rules
  •  Rotor Guns are prohibited in the Server:
  • ‘Rotor Guns’ here are defined as ‘guns’ made up of Rotor Blocks that are designed to ‘fire’ Rotor Head Blocks at the enemy.
  • This is distinct and different from ‘Rotor Turret Guns’, which are Block Weapons (Gatling Guns/Rockets) connected to one or more Rotors for directional control. Rotor Turret Guns are relatively unrestricted so long as there are not so many on your creation as to cause lag.